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US Navy Air Groups

Last Update:  27 January 2015

Navy Patrol Bombers (All VP Squadrons)
U.S. Navy Patrol Bombers Association - Includes listings for all active VP Squadron Reunion Associations.
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World War II USN Scouting Squadron Association
All members of inshore patrol and cruiser / battleship squadrons from WWII invited for a jolly time; places to see, good food and plenty of sea stories.
Bring along anything and everything relating to SOC, OS2U, SBD and SB2C operations
Mr. Doug Anthony  912-925-4066
Reunion:  11-13 Sept. 2012, Holiday Inn Express Riverport, St. Louis, MO.  800-633-8964
VP-4 Patrol Squadron 4
Mr. Larry Hames  503-688-9804
Reunion:  9-13 Sept. 2015, Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, New Orleans, LA
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VP-44 Golden Pelicans NAS Pensacola, FL
Mr. Gene Toffolo  229-559-7959
Reunion:  8-11 Nov. 2012, Pensacola, FL
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Mr. John Larson  702-630-9812
Reunion: 26-29 July 2012, Naval Station Great Lakes, IL
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