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US Navy "M" List

Last Update:  01 November 2014

Midway Island Veterans, Dependents, Civilians, and Battle of Midway Survivors Reunion
Mr. Michael Wilson, 105 Forrester Road, Glasgow, KY 42141
Reunion:  5-8 June 2014, Glasgow, KY
Mobile Riverine Force Association TF-117- 9th ID
Mr. Albert B. Moore, 106 Belleview Drive NE, Conover, NC 28613.  828-464-7228
Reunion:  31 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2011, Indianapolis, IN
Click here for MRFA Website.
USS Manley DD-940
Mr. Harold Kane  609-409-7737
Reunion:  19-23 Apr. 2012, Reston, VA (Near DC)

USS Mansfield DD-728
Mr. John Armstrong
- or -
2011 Reunion Coordinator
Mr. Randy Smith, PO Box 6585, Charlottesville, VA 22901.  434-978-2189
Reunion:  3-6 Aug. 2011, Charlottesville, VA
Click here for USS Mansfield Website.

USS Markab AD-21/AR-23/AK-31
Mr. Bill Hanzel
Reunion:  9-11 Sept. 2011, Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn, Rapid City, SD
Click here for USS Markab Website.

USS Mauna Loa AE-8
See AE Association
USS Maury AGS-16
Mr. James M. White  480-969-3086
Reunion:  20-24 Oct. 2011, Norfolk, VA
Click here for USS Maury Website.

USS Mayo AP-125
See AP Transport Group

USS Mazama AE-9
See AE Association

USS McKean DD-784/DDR-784
Mr. Chuck Horvath, PO Box 509, Nevada, MO 64772
Reunion:  23-25 Sept. 2011, Radisson Hotel, Branson, MO
Click here for USS McKean Website.
USS McMorris DE-1036
Mr. Ken Castille, 380 Trestle Road, Locust Grove, GA 30248.  678-583-5491
Reunion:  16-19 Oct. 2014, Holiday Inn, Long Beach Airport, Long Beach, CA
Click here for the USS McMorris Website.
USS Midway CVB-41/CVA-41/CV-41
Mr. Ronald Pope
Reunion:  23-25 Apr. 2015, Wyndham Hotel Bayside, San Diego, CA
Click here for USS Midway Website.

USS Mitscher DD-927/DL-2/DDG-35
Click here for Destroyer Leader Association.
USS Monssen DD-436/DD-798
Mrs. C. W. (Marj) Lemster, 3051 Rio Dosa Drive, Apt. 345, Lexington, KY 40509-1545.  270-791-5825 or 859-266-9971
Reunion:  26-29 Sept. 2013, Crowne Plaza Dulles, Centerville Road, Herndon, VA (near D.C.)

USS Monticello LSD-35
Mr. Robert Behm, 3011 Dunn Road, Valley Springs, CA 95252.  209-772-0543
Reunion:  22-25 Oct. 2015, Nashville, TN
Click here for USS Monticello Website.

USS Morris DD-417
Ms. Vi Splan, 237 Garrett Lane, Unit 2, Boulder City, NV 89005.  702-596-2906
Reunion:  3-7 Oct. 2012, San Antonio, TX
USS Morton DD-948
Mr. Al Creasy  828-894-6365
Reunion:  27-31 May 2015, Holiday Inn Airport, Buffalo, NY
USS Mount Baker AE-4 and AE-34
See AE Association 
USS Mount Hood AE-11 and AE-29
See AE Association 
USS Mount Katmai AE-16
See AE Association

USS Mount Shasta AE-33
See AE Association

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