Projectile Markings of the World War II era

This illustration shows USN Projectile Markings of the World War II era for projectiles larger than 40 mm.

Please see the individual data pages for the projectile markings used for USN 20 mm, 1.1 inch and 40 mm ammunition."

Bag Charge Markings of the World War II era

Bag charges were lettered in 0.375 inch (1 cm) high black characters on the side of the bag opposite the lacings, with the bottom of the letters towards the ignition end of the bag. Markings were as follows:

  • Ammunition Lot Number
  • Caliber and length of gun in calibers
  • Type of charge (full, reduced, service, target, high-capacity, special)
  • Index Number of the powder charge
  • Number of sections per charge
  • Initial Velocity and weight of projectile with which charge can be used
  • Initial Velocity and weight of other projectile (used only when two different weight projectiles are used with the same charge
  • The word "FLASHLESS" in 0.375 inch (1 cm) yellow characters if the charge is either a flashless type or is propellant to which flashless pellets have been added

Cartridge Case Markings of the World War II era

Fixed and Semi-fixed (separate) cartridge cases had the index number painted in 0.75 inch (2 cm) high letters on the head end of the case. Semi-fixed (separate) cartridge cases also had their ammunition lot numbers painted on in the same size letters. In addition, cases with flashless propellant had the word FLASHLESS painted on the side of the case and a 0.75 inch (2 cm) F painted in yellow on the case head.

N.G.F. stands for Naval Gun Factory, which was located at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard

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