Surface launched submarine ballistic missile. Accepted into service in 1960, withdrawn by 1975.

Note to news organizations: This is NOT the same weapon as used by the Iranians in early 2007. The R-13 was not an anti-ship missile. It was a Soviet submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) with almost twice the range and three times the payload described in Iranian press releases. This old liquid-fueled R-13 missile was difficult to maintain even when new and would be a very poor choice today given newer propulsion technology already employed by the Iranians, such as in their Shahab-3 design. In any case, ballistic missiles cannot be easily converted to the anti-ship role, as their flight profiles and maneuvering capabilities are completely different.

In short, by referencing this webpage, you have unfortunately given credence to an Iranian disinformation program.


Designation R-13
Ship Class Used On Golf I class (Pr. 629) (3 missiles) and Hotel I class (Pr. 658) (3 missiles)
Date In Service 1960
Weight 30,203 lbs. (13,700 kg)
Dimensions 464.6 x 51.2 in (1,180 x 132 cm)
Payload One warhead
Total payload weight: 3,512 lbs. (1,597 kg)
Range 373 miles (600 km)
Propulsion Single-stage liquid fuel rocket


Data from:

  • "Ballisticheskie Rakety Otechestvennogo Flota" (Ballistic Missiles of the Fatherland Fleet) by Yu. L Korshunov and E.M. Kytovoy

Special help from Vladimir Yakubov

"Iran: Missile Maneuvers and the Mind Game" article web-published on 8 February 2007 by Statfor.