German Radar Equipment of World War II

Updated 04 May 2007

These data pages are taken from "German Naval Radar to 1945" written by Erwin F. Sieche of Vienna and published in "Warship" volumes 21 and 22 in 1982
This article copyrighted by Erwin F. Sieche
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German Naval Radar to 1945

1. Introduction
2. Initial Development
3. Radar Designation
4. Armored Ships
5. Battleships
6. Heavy Cruisers
7. Light Cruisers
8. Destroyers
9. Small Units and Submarines
10. Conclusion and Bibliography

I am indebted to Dipl.-Ing. Heinz-Gerhard Schöck who transcribed this article and permitted it to be used at this website.

Herr Schöck has many other interesting articles regarding Naval Technology at his website



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