Originally imported from Elswick with the Japanese later producing their own version under license. Still in use during World War II as coastal artillery. Interesting in that the Protected Cruisers of the Chikuma class had a uniform armament of six of these guns at a time when mixed batteries was the normal fashion.

Redesignated as 41st Year Type on 25 December 1908. Redesignated in centimeters on 5 October 1917.

Gun Characteristics

Designation 6"/45 (15.2 cm) Elswick
6"/45 (15.2 cm) 41st Year Type (Model 1908)
15 cm/45 (6") 41st Year Type (Model 1908)
Ship Class Used On Protected Cruisers Tone and Chikuma classes
Date Of Design 1908
Date In Service 1910
Gun Weight N/A
Gun Length oa N/A
Bore Length 270 in (6.858 m)
Rifling Length N/A
Grooves N/A
Lands N/A
Twist N/A
Chamber Volume N/A
Rate Of Fire about 5 rounds per minute
  • During repairs after being captured by the Japanese, the Russian ships ex-Retvizan now Hizen, ex-Peresvet now Sagami, ex-Orel now Iwami, Poltava now Tango and ex-Pobieda now Suo had their Russian secondaries replaced with Japanese 6"/45 (15.2 cm) and 3"/40 (7.62 cm) Armstrong guns.


Type Bag
Projectile Types and Weights AP: 100 lbs. (45.4 kg)
HE: 100 lbs. (45.4 kg)
Bursting Charge N/A
Projectile Length N/A
Propellant Charge N/A
Muzzle Velocity 2,707 fps (825 mps)
Working Pressure N/A
Approximate Barrel Life N/A
Ammunition stowage per gun N/A


Range with 100 lbs. (45.4 kg) AP
Elevation Range
18 degrees 16,190 yards (14,800 m)

Mount/Turret Data

Designation Single Pedestal Mounts: Tone (2) and Chikuma (8)
Weight N/A
Elevation about -5 / +18 degrees
Elevation Rate N/A
Train About +150 / -150 degrees
Train Rate N/A
Gun recoil N/A


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"Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945" by Hansgeorg Jentschura, Dieter Jung and Peter Mickel
"Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War" by Eric Lacroix and Linton Wells II

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