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This VYa aircraft cannon was used in three naval mounts that were designed in 1944. The mountings were the single U-23, twin 2-U-23 and quad 4-U-23. The guns were belt-fed with 50 or 65 round belts. The single mount was manually operated, while twin and quad mounts were electrically powered. The gun had a monobloc barrel with a blade type breech. All three mountings passed trials in 1944 and 2-U-23 and 4-U-23 were accepted into limited production and were used on MTBs.

Gun Characteristics

Designation 23 mm/71.7 (0.91") VYa
Ship Class Used On MTBs
Date Of Design 1944
Date In Service 1944
Gun Weight 145.5 lbs. (66 kg)
Gun Length oa N/A
Barrel Length 64.96 in (1,650 m)
Rifling Length 58.74 in (1.492 m)
Grooves N/A
Lands N/A
Twist N/A
Chamber Volume N/A
Rate Of Fire 550-650 rounds per minute per barrel cyclic


Type Fixed
Weight of Complete Round N/A
Projectile Types and Weights 0.441 lbs. (0.2 kg)
Bursting Charge N/A
Projectile Length N/A
Propellant Charge 0.14 lbs. (64 g)
Muzzle Velocity 2,985 - 3,020 fps (910 - 920 mps)
Working Pressure 19.7 tons/in2 (3,100 kg/cm2)
Approximate Barrel Life N/A
Ammunition stowage per gun N/A


Range with 0.73 lbs. (0.331 kg) shells
Elevation Distance
Max. Effective Range 3,280 yards (3,000 m)
Max. AA Ceiling 9,840 feet (3,000 m)

Mount/Turret Data

Designation Single Mount: U-23
Twin Mount: 2-U-23
Quad Mount: 4-U-23
Weight U-23: 1,190.5 lbs. (540 kg)
2-U-23: 2,513 lbs. (1,140 kg)
4-U-23: 4,343.1 lbs. (1,970 kg)
Elevation U-23: -10 / +85 degrees
2-U-23: -12 / +85 degrees
4-U-23: -10 / +85 degrees
Elevation Rate 2-U-23: 90 degrees per second
4-U-23: 28 degrees per second
Train 360 degrees
Train Rate 2-U-23: 45 degrees per second
4-U-23: 50 degrees per second
Gun recoil N/A


Data from:

  • "Entsiklopedia Otechestvennoi Artillerii" (Encyclopedia of Fatherland (Russian) Artillery) by A.V. Shirokorad

Special help from Vladimir Yakubov