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130 mm/70 (5.1") AK-130
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The AK-130 is one of the most powerful gun systems used in the world today and is a fully automatic, dual-purpose weapon.  Design work was started by the PO Arsenal in 1967 on a single gun version designated as A-217.  However, the required rate of fire of 60 rounds per minute was not reached during trials, so it was decided to switch to a twin mounting.  The new system with a factory designation ZIF-94 used the same barrel and large number of components from the A-217.

The mountings are controlled by MP-184 Fire Control Radar Systems, which include a 2-band radar, low light TV, laser designator, system for selecting moving targets and an ESM system.  This system has a range of 75 km (41 nm).  The system provides the integration of all of the shipboard radars, exact measurement of all parameters of movement for all air, sea and land targets, exact bearing to the target, correction of shooting by splashes and automatic tracking of shells.

The mounts are triaxially stabilized and the barrels are liquid cooled.


Sovremenny class guided missile destroyer Okrylenny in December 1989
U.S. Navy Photograph No. DN-SC-90-03789


130 mm/70 (5.1") firing aboard RFS Admiral Chabanenko (DD 650) in June 2011
U.S. Navy Photograph No. 110629-N-ME988-29
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130 mm/70 (5.1") AK-130 on Marshall Ustinov
Pictures courtesy of Naval Technology

Gun Characteristics
Designation 130 mm/70 (5.1") AK-130
Ship Class Used On Sovremenny, Slava and Kirov Classes
Date Of Design 1980
Date In Service 1985
Gun Weight N/A
Gun Length oa 358.3 in (9.100 m)
Bore Length N/A
Rifling Length 276.38 in (7.020 m)
Grooves N/A
Lands N/A
Twist N/A
Chamber Volume N/A
Rate Of Fire 10 - 40 rounds per minute per gun
Type Fixed
Weight of Complete Round 190 lbs. (86.2 kg)
Projectile Types and Weights HE (F-44) - 73.6 lbs. (33.4 kg)
AA (ZS-44) - 73.6 lbs. (33.4 kg)
AA (ZS-44P) - 73.6 lbs. (33.4 kg)
Bursting Charge HE (F-44) - 7.85 lbs. (3.56 kg)
AA (ZS-44) - 7.85 lbs. (3.56 kg)
AA (ZS-44P) - 7.85 lbs. (3.56 kg)
Projectile Length N/A
Propellant Charge N/A
Cartridge - 116.4 lbs. (52.8 kg)
Cartridge Length - 53.9 in (1.369 m)
Muzzle Velocity 2,788 fps (850 mps)
Working Pressure N/A
Approximate Barrel Life about 1,500 rounds
Ammunition stowage per gun Sovremenny:  500 rounds
Others:  N/A
150 to 180 ready rounds on mount
Elevation With 73.6 lbs. (33.4 kg) HE Shell
Max Ballistic Range  25,150 yards (23,000 m)
Max Range Against Missiles up to 8,750 yards (8,000 m)
Max Range Against Aircraft up to 16,400 yards (15,000 m)
Mount / Turret Data
Designation Single Mount

Twin Mounts

Weight Single Mount:  about 89 tons (90 mt)
Twin Mount:  about 100 tons (102 mt)
Elevation -12 / +80 degrees
Rate of Elevation 25 degrees per second
Train + 200 / - 200 degrees
Rate of Train 25 degrees per second
Gun Recoil 20.47 - 24.57 in (520 - 624 mm)
Note:  Lead ship Kirov (later Admiral Ushakov) had two single 100 mm guns in place of the single twin 130 mm gun used on later members of the class.
Data from
"The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems 1991/92" by Norman Friedman
"Entsiklopedia Otechestvennoi Artillerii" (Encyclopedia of Fatherland [Russian] Artillery) by A.V. Shirokorad
Naval Technology
Special help from Vladimir Yakubov and Leo Fischer
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