German Forces

  • Rear Admiral Wilhelm Souchon
  • SMS Goeben
  • SMS Breaslau

British Forces

  • Admiral Sir Archibald Milne
    Position: C-in-C Mediterranean
  • Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge
    Position: 2 i/c Mediterranean

2nd BCS

  • Admiral Sir Archibald Milne
  • HMS Inflexible (flagship)(flagship)
    Commanding officer: Captain R.F. Philmore
  • HMS Indefatigable
    Commanding officer: Captain C.F. Sowerby (killed at Jutland while still Captain)
  • HMS Indomitable
    Commanding officer: Captain F.W. Kennedy

1st CS

  • Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge
  • HMS Defence (flagship)(flagship)
    Commanding officer: Captain Fawcett Wray
  • HMS Black Prince
  • HMS Duke of Edinburg
  • HMS Warrior
  • HMS Dublin
    Commanding officer: Captain John Kelly
    Notes: With 2BCS
  • HMS Gloucester
    Commanding officer: Captain Howard Kelly
    Notes: To patrol the Straits of Otranto
  • 2 G class (Beagle) destroyers

Also in the Mediterranean

  • HMS Chatham
    Notes: To watch the Straits of Messina
  • HMS Weymouth
    Commanding officer: Captain S. Drury-Lowe
    Notes: To watch west of Sicily
  • 14 other G class (Beagle) destroyers
  • 1 TBD


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