Turkish Forces

  • Yavuz Sultan Selim
    Notes: Ex SMS Goeben. Struck mines at 0610 and 0948, deliberately run aground at 1148 off Nagara in the Dardanelles, attacked but only lightly damaged by RFC and RNAS a/c from HMS Ark Royal and Empress, freed 26th January 1918, arrived Sevastapol on 26th May 1918 to dock for first time since 1913. Damage was not fully repaired until after the war.
  • Medillii (sunk)(sunk)
    Notes: Ex SMS Breaslau. Medillii was first mined at 0831 and then four more times between 0900 and 0905. She lost about 330 crewmen with the survivors being captured by the British.
  • 4 Turkish destoyers

British Forces

Aegean Squadron
  • Rear Admiral Hayes-Sadler
  • HMS Lord Nelson
    Notes: Supposed to be on 1 hour notice at Mudros. On 16th January 1918, RADM Hayes-Sadler took HMS Nelson to Salonika, instead of using the yacht HMS Triad which was maintained at Salonika for that purpose.
  • HMS Agamemnon
    Notes: Supposed to be on 1 hour notice at Mudros.
  • 4 to 6 destroyers
    Notes: On patrol at Imbros.


  • HMS Agamemnon
    Notes: Unsupported.
  • 3 light cruisers
  • 1 sloop
    Notes: Under repair.
  • 1 monitor
    Notes: Under repair.
  • 4 destroyers
    Notes: 2 ready for sea.
  • HMS E-12
    Commanding officer: LtC T. Williams-Freeman
    Notes: Under repair with a fractured shaft. Williams-Freeman wanted to attack Goeben using his remaining shaft as soon as it was known that Goeben was aground, but was over-ruled by RADM Hayes-Sadler.
  • HMS E-2
    Commanding officer: Lt. P.H. Bonham-Carter
    Notes: Joined 21st January. P.H. "Bonham the Good" Bonham-Carter was cousin to Stewart "Bonham the Bad" Bonham-Carter.
  • HMS E-14 (sunk)(sunk)
    Commanding officer: Lt. Commander G.S. White
    Notes: Joined 21st January. Sunk by Turkish batteries off Kum Kale, 28th January 1918.

Kusu Bay, Imbros

  • HMS Raglan (sunk)(sunk)
    Notes: Sunk by gunfire from Yavuz Sultan Selim; 128 crewmen lost.
  • HMS M28 (sunk)(sunk)
    Notes: Sunk by gunfire from Yavuz Sultan Selim; 11 crewmen lost.
  • HMS Tigress
  • HMS Lizard


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