German Forces

Minelayer Group

  • Kommodore von Karp
  • Augsburg (flagship)(flagship)
  • Albatross (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Fregattenkapitän West

Cruiser Force

  • Roon
    Commanding officer: Fregattenkapitän Gygas
  • Lübeck
    Commanding officer: Fregattenkapitän Halm

19th Half-Flotille Torpedoboats

  • 4 torpedoboats

Destroyer Flotilla

  • Korvettenkapitän Wieting
  • G135 (flagship)(flagship)
  • S141
    Commanding officer: Oberleutnant zur See von Prittwitz und Gaffron
  • S142
    Commanding officer: Kapitänleutnant Menche

Covering Forces

  • Kontreadmiral Hopman
  • Prinz Adalbert (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Kapitän zur See Michelsen
  • Prinz Heinrich
  • S138
  • S139
  • V108
  • UA


Roon fired 110 21 cm HE shells and four 15 cm HE shells. It is not known how much the other ships fired.


Albatross was badly damaged by six 8-inch and twenty 6-inch shell hits, with four duds being found after the battle. One officer and twenty-seven crewmen were killed and four officers and fifty-one men wounded. She was beached in Swedish waters where she and her crew were interned until the winter of 1918 when they returned to Germany.

Roon suffered damage to her wireless antenna from a 8-inch shell from Bayan. Repairs were made shortly after the battle.

Prinz Adalbert was torpedoed by E19 killing two petty officers and eight crewmen. Prinz Adalbert was badly damaged but was able to travel 295 miles, including 240 miles going backwards, to Kiel for repairs.

Russian Forces

Baltic Fleet

1st Cruiser Brigade

  • Rear Admiral Bakhirev
  • Bayan
    Commanding officer: Captain 1st Rank Vejs
  • Bogatyr
  • Oleg
  • Rurik (damaged)(damaged)
    Commanding officer: Captain 1st Rank A.M. Pyshnov
  • Novik
    Commanding officer: Captain 2nd Rank Berens


  • Boevoi
  • Vnimatel'nyi
  • Vynoslivyi
  • Burnyi


  • Alligator
  • Krokodil
  • Kaiman
  • Makrel
  • Okun
  • E19
    Commanding officer: Commander Horton
    Notes: British submarine operating in the Baltic.

Covering Force Battleships

  • Slava
  • Tsarevitch


The Russians fired approximately 3,000 rounds during the battle. Admiral Makarov had about ninety 8-inch and half her 6-inch shells remaining at the end of the fighting.


Admiral Makarov was hit by one 8.8 cm shell from Albatross which did slight damage and wounded one crewman.

Bayan was hit by one 21 cm shell from Roon on the hull side and mine deck damaging the amidships area. Two men were slightly wounded.

Rurik was hit by ten 10.5 cm shells from Lübeck which damaged the deck, funnels and officer's cabins. Fumes from the bursters caused a temporary evacuation of one of the 10-inch turrets. A salvo landing close off the bow threw so much water on deck that the rangefinder apparatus on the command bridge was damaged. Roon made a further hit on Rurik with a 21 cm shell which damaged the aft conning tower and destroyed the adjoining superstructure.


  • "Battle on the Seven Seas: German Cruiser Battles 1914 - 1918" by Gary Staff

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