Order of Battle
Attack on Taranto
11-12 November 1940
Contributed by Richard Worth

British Forces

Commanded by Rear Admiral A L St G Lyster
CV Illustrious (Capt. Boyd)
CL Gloucester—3rd Cruiser Sqn. (note: at least one source reports 7th Cruiser Sqn. at this time)
CA York—3rd Cruiser Sqn.
CA Berwick
CL Glasgow
DD Hasty—2nd Flotilla
DD Havock—2nd Flotilla
DD Ilex—2nd Flotilla
DD Hyperion—14th Flotilla

Attack Force: 21 Swordfish from 813, 815, 819, & 824 Sqns.
1st wave of 12 A/C led by Lt.-Cdr. M. W. Williamson, 815 Sqn.
2nd wave of 9 A/C led by Lt.-Cdr. J. W. Hale, 819 Sqn.

Fighters embarked on Illustrious for air defense:
806 Sqn. Consisting of (14) Fulmars & (4) Sea Gladiators (note: at least one source reports only (2) Sea Gladiators embarked at this time).

Italian Forces

Known Italian Naval Forces present at Taranto
Port commander Vice-Admiral Arturo Riccardi

Main Battlefleet under command of Vice-Admiral Inigo Campioni
BB Littorio—9th Naval Division under Rear Admiral Carlo Bergamini
BB Vittorio Veneto—9th Naval Division
BB Caio Duilio (recommissioned July 7th, 1940 after rebuild)
BB Andrea Doria (recommissioned October 20, 1940, not considered operational—crew still in training after rebuild)
BB Conte di Cavour—5th Naval Division
BB Giulio Cesare—5th Naval Division
CA Pola—1st Cruiser Division (Flag—Vice Admiral Angelo Iachino)
CA Zara—1st Cruiser Div.
CA Goriza—1st Cruiser Div.
CA Fiume—1st Cruiser Div.
CA Trento—3rd Cruiser Div.
CA Trieste—3rd Cruiser Div.
CA Bolzano—3rd Cruiser Div.
CL Abruzzi—8th Cruiser Div.
CL Garibaldi—8th Cruiser Div.
DD Carducci
DD Alfieri
DD Oriani
DD Gioberti
DD Lampo
DD Baleno
DD Folgore
DD Libeccio
Seaplane Tender Giuseppe Miraglia

Evidence leads me to believe there were more Italian DD’s in the inner harbor, but I have no references that detail the names of these additional DD’s.

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