Order of Battle
Battle of Blackett Strait
6 March 1943
Contributed by Dan Muir

Imperial Japanese Naval Forces (IJN)

Desdiv 2, Desron 4, 2nd Fleet
DD Murasame (F)*—Lt. Cmdr. Youji Tanegashima
 Flagship Comdesdiv 2—Captain Masao Tachibana
Desdiv 4, Desron 4, 2nd Fleet
DD Minegumo*—Lt. Cmdr. Yoshio Uesugi

United States Naval Forces (USN)

    Rear Admiral ‘Tip’ Merrill

CL 57 Montpelier(F)
CL55 Cleveland
CL58 Denver

DD507 Conway
DD508 Cony
DD466 Waller

* Ships lost in this action

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