Order of Battle
Battle off Horaniu
18 August 1943
Contributed by Dan Muir

Imperial Japanese Naval Forces
    Rear Admiral Matsuji Ijuin

DD Sazanami (F)                Lt. Cdr. Akiji Suga

Desron 3, Desdiv 7, Combined Fleet HQ.
DD Hamakaze                    Cdr. Hiroshi Uwai

Desron 10, Desdiv 17, 3rd Fleet
    Captain Toshio Miyazaki, Division Commander

DD Isokaze                            Lt. Cdr. Sumiya Kamiura

Desron 10, Desdiv 17, 3rd Fleet
DD Shigure                            Lt. Cdr. Kimio Yamagami

Desron 2, Desdiv 27
    Captain Tameichi Hara, Division Commander

    Lt. Cdr. Toshio Niwa
(20) Barges and some small escorts of which the subchasers Ch. 5 and Ch. 12 were sunk.

United States Naval Forces
    Captain Thomas J. Ryan

DD449   Nicholas
DD450   O'Bannon
DD468   Taylor
DD451   Chevalier

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 See Allyn Nevitt's Long Lancers' section.

Contributed by Dan Muir