Order of Battle
Battle of Kula Gulf
6 July 1943
Contributed by Andrew G. Whitaker and Clyde Bigelow

Japanese Forces
    R. Admiral Akiyama Terou

Cover Force

Desron 3 Desdiv11 (8th flt.)
Niizuki (flag) - Com. Kaneda Kioshi.
Hit by 6" shellfire, few survivors

Desron2 Desdiv24 (2nd flt.)
Suzukaze—Lt. Com. Yamashita Masao
minor shell damage, 1st turret jammed, searchlights inoperative

Desron10 Desdiv17 (3rd flt.)
Tanikaze—Com. Maeda Shinichirou
hit by dud shell

1st Transport Group
    Captain Orita

Desron3 Desdiv30 (8th flt.)
Mochizuki—Lt. Com. Ikunaga Kunio
minor shell damage to 1st turret and torpedo tubes
Mikazuki—Lt. Yamazaki Nitaro

Desron10 Desdiv17 (3rd flt.)
Hamakaze—Com. Uwai Hiroshi

2nd Transport Group
    Capt. Kanaoka Kunizo, Comdesdiv 22

Desron3 Desdiv22 (8th flt.)
Nagatsuki (flag)—Lt. Com. Furukawa Tameo
Hit by 6" shell, grounded near Bambari Harbor, demolished next day by American aircraft; 8 dead, 13 injured.
Satsuki - Com. Koizumi Shiro

Desron3 Desdiv11 (8th flt.)
Amigiri - Lt. Com. Hanami Kouhei
Suffered minor shell damage, communications lost, 10 dead
Hatsuyuki - Lt. Com. Sugihara Yoshirou
minor shell damage (3 duds), had to shift to manual steering. 6 dead

USA Forces

Task Group 36.1
    R. Admiral W.L Ainsworth

Crudiv 9
Honolulu (flag)—Capt. R.W. Hayler
St. Louis—Capt. C. Campbell
Helena—Capt. C.P. Cecil.
Hit by three Type 93 torpedoes from Suzukaze and Tanikaze, over 81% of crew rescued.

Destroyer Squadron 21
    Com. F.X. McInerney
Nicholas (flag)—Lt. Com. A.J. Hill
O’Bannon—Lt. Com. D.J. MacDonald
Jenkins—Com. H.F. Miller
Radford—Com. W.K. Romoser

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