Order of Battle
The Battle of the Sunda Strait
28 February - 1 March 1942
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Allied Naval Forces (ABDA)

CA Houston* (USN)     (696 killed, 368 saved)
 Captain Albert H. Rooks
CL Perth* (RAN)      (375 killed, 307 saved)
 Captain Hec Waller
DD Evertsen* (Dutch)
 Lt. Cdr. W.M. de Vries RNN


After the sinking of the Houston and Perth, the Dutch Destroyer Evertsen was caught by the IJN Destroyers Murakumo & Shirakumo as she tried to avoid contact with the IJN forces in the Sunda Strait.  The Evertsen was caught in searchlights just off the island of Dwars in de Weg in the Sunda Strait at 2:00 AM on March 1st, 1942.  The IJN DD’s hit her seven times causing a fire in the after magazines which caused her Captain to order the destroyer beached.

Imperial Japanese Naval Forces (IJN)

Sentai 7, Section 2—Captain Shakao Sukiyama
CA Mikuma—Captain Sukiyama
(6 killed, 11 injured)
Launched 6 torpedoes
CA Mogami
Launched 12 torpedoes
Desron 3, 1st Fleet—Rear Admiral Kenzaburo Hara (Escort Commander)
CL Natori (F)
Launched 4 torpedoes
Desdiv 12
DD Shirakumo—Commander Toyoji Hitomi
Launched 9 torpedoes
DD Murakumo—Commander Hideo Azuma
Launched 9 torpedoes
Desdiv 11
DD Fubuki—Commander Masao Yamashita
 Launched 9 torpedoes
DD Shirayuki—Commander Rokorou Sugawara
1 killed, 11 injured
 Launched 9 torpedoes
 DD Hatsuyuki—Commander Junnari Kamiura
 Launched 9 torpedoes
Desdiv 19
DD Shikinami—Commander Akifumi Kawahashi
 Launched 1 torpedo
Desron 5, Desdiv 5, 3rd Fleet
DD Asakaze
Launched 6 torpedoes
DD Hatakaze
Launched 6 torpedoes
DD Harukaze
3 killed, 15 injured
Launched 5 torpedoes
Torpedo Boat Division 21
TB Hatsukari
TB Chidori
2nd Base Force
ML Shirataka
1st Minesweeper Div.
MS W2*

Transport Force
Trans. Sakura Maru* (7167 tons)
Trans. Ryujo Maru* (8370 tons)  also known as Shinshu Maru (later refloated)
 General Imamura (Commander in Chief, 16th Army)
Trans. Horai Maru* (9192 tons)
Trans. Tatsuno Maru* (6960 tons)     (later refloated)
Another (23) transports were also anchored in the same area (Landing Area C) carrying units of the 2nd Infantry Division, 16th Army, No. 3 Sentai.  Another (29) Transports make up the rest of the Western Java Invasion Force.  Of these another (6) are located further southwest of St. Nicolaas Pt. (Landing Area B) just out of sight of the ABDA Cruisers. These (6) transports are carrying units of the 2nd Infantry Division, 16th Army, No. 2 Sentai.

*sunk in this action

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