Order of Battle
Battle of Surigao Strait
24-25 October 1944
Contributed by Richard Worth

Allied Forces
    Rear Admiral Jesse B. Oldendorf

Left flank
    R. Adm. Oldendorf

Louisville (F)         Capt. Hurt
Portland                Capt. Settle
Minneapolis          Capt. Slocum

    Rear Admiral R. W. Hayler
Denver                 Capt. Bledsoe
Columbia             Capt. Curts

Sec. 1, Desron 56,
    Capt. Smoot
Newcomb             Cdr. Cook
Richard P. Leary  Cdr. Habecker
Albert W. Grant     Cdr. Nisewaner

Sec. 2, Desdiv 112
    Capt. Conley
Robinson             Cdr.Grantham
Halford                 Cdr. Hardy
Bryant                  Cdr. High

Sec. 3
    Cdr. Boulware
Heywood L. Edwards  Cdr.Boulware
Bennion                         Cdr. Cooper
Leutze                            Cdr. Robbins

Battle Line
    R. Adm. G. L. Weyler

Mississippi             Capt. Redfield
Maryland                 Capt. Ray
West Virginia         Capt. Wiley

    R. Adm. Chandler
Tennessee             Capt. Heffernan
California               Capt. Burnett
Pennsylvania         Capt. Martin

Desdiv Xray
    Cdr. Hubbard
Claxton                 Cdr. Hubbard
Cony                     Cdr. Moore
Thorn                     Lt. Cdr. Schneider
Aulick                    Cdr. Andrew
Sigourney             Lt. Cdr. Hale
Welles                   Lt. Cdr. Slaughter

Right Flank
    R. Adm. R. S. Berkey
Phoenix                Capt. Duncan
Boise                    Capt. Roberts
HMAS Shropshire   Capt. Nichols

Desron 24
    Capt. McManes
Hutchins                 Cdr. Laning
Daly                        Cdr. Visser
Bache                    Cdr. Morton
HMAS Arunta        Cdr. Buchanan
Killen                      Cdr. Corey
Beale                     Cdr. Coffee

Picket Patrol
    Capt. Coward

Desron 54
    Capt. Coward
Remey Cdr. Fiala
McGowen Cdr. Cox
Melvin Cdr. Atkins
Mertz Cdr. Estabrook
Desron108, Cdr. Phillips
McDermut Cdr. Jennings
Monssen Cdr. Bergin
McNair Cdr McCullough

Task Group 70.1 (MTB Squadrons)
Surigao Strait Patrols
    Lt. Cdr. Leeson

In 3 boat sections:
PT #’s 152,130,131,127,128,129,151,146,190,192,191,195,196,194,150,134,132,137,494,497,324,523,524, 526,490,491,493*,495,489,492,327,321,326,320,330,331,328,323,329

At the beachheads, with the transports, would be Nashville with up to 69 destroyers and 10 frigates.  Some of these destroyers became components of Oldendorf’s force, and others had left the area with unloaded transports before the Battle of Surigao Strait.

Japanese Forces

Force C (Van of Southern Force)
    Vice Admiral Shoji Nishimura*

    V. Adm. Nishimura*
Yamashiro* R. Adm. T. Shinoda*
Fuso* R. Adm. M. Ban*
Mogami* Capt. R. Tooma*

Desdiv 4
    Capt. Takahashi*
Shigure, from Desron2

Second Striking Force (Rear of Southern Force)
    Vice Admiral Kiyohide Shima

Crudiv 21
V. Adm. Shima
    Nachi Capt. Kanooka
Ashigara Capt. Miura

Desron 1
    R. Adm. Kimura
Abukuma* Capt. Hanada*

    Cdr. Iwagami

Desdiv 18
    Capt. Inoue

Desdiv 21
    Cdr Ishii*

*Lost or killed in this operation.

From "History of United States Naval Operations in World War II," vol. XII by Samuel Elliot Morison
Special help from Peter Dechaineux, Commodore RAN (Ret’d)

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