Order of Battle
Battle of Vella Gulf
6-7 August 1943
Contributed by Dan Muir

Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN)

Desdiv 4 Desron 10, 3rd Fleet
    Capt. Kaju Sugiura – Division and Overall commander for this operation
DD Hagikaze* (F)                Lt. Commander Masashiro Makoshi
DD Arashi*                           Commander Koushichi Sugioka

Desdiv 24, Desron 2, 2nd Fleet
DD Kawakaze*                    Lt. Commander Yoshio Yanase

Desdiv 27, Desron 2, 2nd Fleet
    Capt. Tamechi Hara
DD Shigure (F)                    Lt. Commander Kimio Yamagami

* Sunk

United States Navy

Task Group 31.2
    Commander Frederick Moosbrugger
DD-384  Dunlap (F)
DD-382 Craven
DD-401 Maury
DD-399 Lang
DD-407 Sterett   Commander Rodger Simpson
DD-406 Stack

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