A List

AE / AOE Sailors Association
  • USS Pyro AE-1 and AE-24
  • USS Nitro AE-2 and AE-23
  • USS Lassen AE-3
  • USS Mount Baker AE-4 and AE-34
  • USS Rainier AE-5 and AOE-7
  • USS Shasta AE-6 and AE-33
  • USS Mauna Loa AE-8
  • USS Mazama AE-9
  • USS Sangay AE-10
  • USS Mount Hood AE-11
  • USS Wrangell AE-12
  • USS Akutan AE-13
  • USS Firedrake AE-14
  • USS Vesuvius AE-15
  • USS Mount Katmai AE-16
  • USS Great Sitkin AE-17
  • USS Paricutin AE-18
  • USS Diamond Head AE-19
  • USS Fomalhaut AE-20
  • USS Suribachi AE-21
  • USS Mauna Kea AE-22
  • USS Haleakala AE-25
  • USS Kilauea AE-26
  • USS Butte AE-27
  • USS Santa Barbara AE-28
  • USS Mount Hood AE-29
  • USS Virgo AE-30
  • USS Chara AE-31
  • USS Flint AE-32
  • USS Kiska AE-35
  • USS Sacramento AOE-1
  • USS Camden AOE-2
  • USS Seattle AOE-3
  • USS Detroit AOE-4
  • USS Supply AOE-6
  • USS Arctic AOE-8
  • USS Bridge AOE-10
Contact Bradley Stenstrom
Website http://www.aesailors.com/
Reunion 16-19 Oct. 2019, Warwick, RI
AGR Association
  • USS Guardian AGR-1
  • USS Lookout AGR-2
  • USS Skywatcher AGR-3
  • USS Searcher AGR-4
  • USS Scanner AGR-5
  • USS Locator AGR-6
  • USS Picket AGR-7
  • USS Interceptor AGR-8
  • USS Investigator AGR-9
  • USS Outpost AGR-10
  • USS Protector AGR-11
  • USS Vigil AGR-12
  • USS Interdictor AGR-13
  • USS Interpreter AGR-14
  • USS Tracer AGR-15
  • USS Interruptor AGR-15
  • USS Watchman AGR-16
  • USS YR-23
  • USS YR-65
Contact Ray Ostrowski, 123 Barbara Drive, Newburgh, NY 12550
Website http://www.yagrs.org/home.htm
Reunion 1-6 June 2021, Colorado Springs, CO
Fleet Tanker Association (All AO and AOG Class Ships)
Contact Bob McBrayer, 952 Old Goddard Road, Lincoln Park, MI 48146. 313-928-0398
Reunion Listing of AO and AOE Reunions at the Fleet Tankers Association Website.
USS Abnaki ATF-96
Contact Nancy Ferber 641-745-7077
Reunion 19-22 Sept. 2022, Holiday Inn, Urbandale, IA
USS Ajax AR-6
Contact Thomas Judge, 11131 N State Hwy 123, Falls City, TX 78113. 830-745-2141
Website http://ussajaxassociation.org/
Reunion 11-7 June 2020, Cleveland, OH
USS Akutan AE-13
See AE Association
USS Anchorage LSD-36
Contact Michael P. McGrath, PO Box 191013, San Diego, CA 92159-1013. 619-750-6390
Website http://lsd36.com/
Reunion 28 Sept. - 2 Oct. 2024, San Diego, CA
USS Aucilla AO-56
Contact Anthony K. Flynn, 3701 Donegal Circle, Ormond Beach, FL 32174. 386-671-1988
Reunion 27 Apr. - 1 May 2020, Residence Inn Oceanfront, Daytona Beach Shores, FL. 386-671-1988

B List

USS Benner DD-807/DDR-807
Contact Jack Conwell 724-674-6041
Reunion 14-17 Oct. 2020, Norfolk, VA
USS Boston CA-69, CAG-1 and SSN-703
Contact Barry L. Probst
USS Boston Shipmates, Inc., P.O. Box 7445, Brockton, MA 02303-7445. 508-580-3808
Reunion 9-12 July 2020, Crowne Plaza Philadelphia Hotel, King of Prussia, PA. 610-265-7500

C List

USS Camden AOE-2
See AE Association
USS Canberra CA-70/CAG-2
Contact Ken Minick, 2115 Pride Avenue, Belpre, OH 45714. 740-423-8976
Reunion 9-13 Oct. 2019, Deerfield, IL
USS Canopus AS-9 and AS-34
Contact Francesca Dripps
Website USS Canopus Association: http://www.usscanopus.org/
Reunion Planner: Vivid Planning Co.
Reunion 4-8 Oct. 2021, Hampton Inn & Suites Savannah Midtown, Savannah, GA
USS Carr FFG-52
Contact Gardner LaMarche
Reunion 23-25 June 2023, Checotah, OK
USS Carter Hall LSD-3
See USS Oak Hills LSD-7
USS Catamount LSD-17
See USS Oak Hills LSD-7
USS Charles S. Sperry DD-697
Contact Gary Chesser, 4044 Old Hwy 12, Starkville, MS 39759. 662-323-5059
Website http://www.usscharlesssperrydd697.com/
Reunion 30 Apr. - 3 May 2020, Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel, Albuquerque, NM
USS Cogswell DD-651
Contact George H. Overman, 3784 Mission Ave, Ste 148 #1016, Oceanside CA 92058. 760-889-2216
Website http://www.usscogswell.com/
Reunion 17-19 Oct. 2023, Rapid City, SD
USS Colorado BB-45
Reunion The USS Colorado Alumni Association hosts a Memorial Service at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas, every year on Memorial Day at 10:00 am.
Website National Museum of the Pacific War, USS Colorado
Veterans Memorial USS Colorado Veterans are invited to the Grand Opening of a new Veterans Memorial near Denver
10am Mountain Time, 29 May 2023, Riverdale Regional Park; 9755 Henderson Rd, Brighton, CO 80601
Veterans Memorial Project
USS Connole DE-1056/FF-1056
Contact Dave Neimeyer, 9026 Haaf Road, Fogelsville, PA 18051. 484-378-2725
Reunion 5 - 9 Oct. 2022, Crowne Plaza, Providence/Warwick, RI
USS Conserver ARS-39
Contact Dale Hower, 10407 Santana Street, Santee, CA 92071. 619-449-4499
Website http://www.ussconserver.org
Reunion 24-29 Apr. 2024, Hilton Garden Inn, Savannah Airport, Savannah, GA. 912-964-5550
USS Constellation CV-64/CVA-64
See USS Hornet Association

D List

Destroyer Leader Association
  • USS Norfolk DL-1
  • USS Mitscher DL-2/DDG-35
  • USS John S McCain DL-3/DDG-36
  • USS Willis A Lee DL-4
  • USS Wilkinson DL-5
Contact Mike Bugara, 36 Wild Cherry Ln, Little Compton, RI 02837-1743. 401-635-8860
Website http://www.destroyerleaderassociation.org/
Reunion 28 Aug. - 03 Sept. 2023, Jacksonville, FL
USS Dahlgren DLG-12/DDG-43
Contact Tom James, 506 Arlington Road, Savannah, GA 31419. 912-200-3398
Website http://www.ussdahlgren.com/
Reunion 5-9 June 2019, DoubleTree Norfolk Airport, Norfolk, VA
USS Davidson DE-1045/FF-1045
Contact Mike Peck 5608 Benton Ave, Edina, MN 55436. 952-380-7616
Reunion 19-23 Oct. 2022, Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX
USS Decatur DD-936, DDG-31 and DDG-73
Contact Art Scaccia 815-922-5650
Reunion 10-13 Sept. 2020, Rosemont, IL
Website USS Decatur Association
USS Detroit AOE-4
See AE Association
USS Diamond Head AE-19
See AE Association
USS Downes DE-1070/FF-1070
Contact Gary & Becky Court, 2610 119th St NW, Rice, MN 56367. 320-493-9775
Website https://www.1070ussdownes.com/
Reunion 13-18 Sept. 2023, Rhode Island, Location TBD
USS Duluth LPD-6
Contact John Adams, 924 Creekside Drive, Brookhaven, PA 19015. 610-213-6379
Website http://www.ussduluth.org/
Reunion 12-16 June 2019, The Suites Hotel at Waterfront Plaza, Duluth, MN 800-794-1716

E List

Escort Carrier Sailors & Airmen Association (ECSAA)

Open to all those who served; spouses, widows, descendants and all patriotic supporters.

Contact Sue Foley 855-505-2469
Website http://ecsaa.org/2019-Convention-Registration
Reunion 22-25 Sept. 2019, Four Points by Sheraton French Quarter in New Orleans, LA
USS Essex CV-9/CVA-9/CVS-9 and LHD-2
Contact Tom Ferelli 602-882-0375
Website https://ussessexassociation.com/
Reunion 6-11 Sept. 2022, Harrisburg, PA

F List

USS Flasher SSN-613
Contact Don Knapp 843-834-3568
Reunion 15-19 June 2022, Embassy Suites by Hilton, Charleston Convention Center, Charleston, SC
USS Flint AE-32
See AE Association

G List

USS Graffias AF-29 and all Viet Nam Era AF’s
Contact Dan Bulicek 847-567-5341
Website http://ussgraffias.com/
Reunion 16-20 Sept. 2021, Branson, MO

H List

USS Hoel DDG-13
Contact John Helsley 909-234-8238
Website https://sites.google.com/site/usshoelddg13site/home-page/reunion-info/reunion-2022
Reunion 13-15 May 2022, Branson, MO
USS Holder DD-819/DDE-819 and DE-401
Contact James de Barrios, 120 Ross Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-2636. 831-458-9062
Website http://www.ussholder.com/
Reunion 20-24 Sept. 2023, New Orleans, LA
USS Hollister DD-788
Crew Members of ships that operated with USS Hollister are welcome to join with us.
Contact Casey Orr, 3132 Carlisle Circle, Marion, IA 52302. 319-377-4759
Website http://usshollister.org/
Reunion 27-30 Sept. 2020, Radisson Hotel Branson, Branson, MO
USS Hornet CV-8 & CV-12/CVA-12/CVS-12 and USS Constellation CV-64/CVA-64 Joint Reunion

All Ship's Officers, Air Groups, Crew, Marines and Families Welcomed.

Contacts For USS Hornet
Sandy Burket, PO Box 108, Roaring Spring, PA 16673-9817. 814-224-5063 (H) or 814-312-4976 (C)

For USS Constellation
Richard Swain 432-694-0227

Websites USS Hornet Association

-- and --

USS Constellation Association

Reunion 11-16 Oct. 2023, DFW Airport Marriot South, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

I List

J List

USS John S McCain DL-3/DDG-36
See Destroyer Leader Association
USS John Young DD-973
Contact James Raymond, Paul Bentley and Ernie Reichert
Website https://www.ussjohnyoungdd973.org/
Reunion 23-26 Mar. 2023, Port Hueneme, CA
USS James Madison SSBN-627
Contact Gil Raynor
Website USS James Madison SSBN-627
Reunion 23-27 March 2022, Galveston, TX

K List

USS Kawishiwi AO-146
Contact Evan Kline 385-770-8390
Reunion 5-7 Sept. 2019, Hotel RL, Salt Lake City, UT
USS Kepler DD-765
Contact Stephen Mooney 732-284-0134
Reunion 18-28 Apr. 2024, Land and Cruise Reunion, Cocoa Beach/Port Canaveral, FL

L List

USS L. Y. Spear AS-36
Contact Patty Kelso, 6916 Lamar Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66204. 913-677-1837
Website http://www.usslyspear.org/
Reunion 4-8 Sept. 2019, Crowne Plaza Philadelphia - King of Prussia Hotel, King of Prussa, PA
USS Lassen AE-3
See AE Association
USS Little Rock CL-92/CLG-4/CG-4 and LCS-9
Contact Ray Cutter
Website Click here for USS Little Rock Website.
Reunion 25-29 Sept. 2019, Lexington Hotel and Conference Center, Jacksonville/Mayport, FL
USS Locator AGR-6
See AGR Association
USS Lookout AGR-2
See AGR Association
USS L. Y. Spear AS-36
Contact Patty Kelso 913-677-1837
Website Click here for USS L. Y. Spear Website.
Reunion 6-10 Sept. 2023, Hilton Kansas City Airport Hotel, Kansas City, MO

M List

USS Mauna Loa AE-8
See AE Association
USS Mazama AE-9
See AE Association
USS McMorris DE-1036
Contact Scott Vliek 219-789-4326
- or -
Jules Galbreth 972-219-9674
Website http://www.ussmcmorris.org/
Reunion 22-25 Sept. 2022, Charleston, SC
USS Midway CVB-41/CVA-41/CV-41
Contact Jim Hayter
Website http://ussmidway.net/home.html
Reunion 9-12 Sept. 2020, Norfolk, VA
USS Mitscher DD-927/DL-2/DDG-35
See Destroyer Leader Association
USS Mount Baker AE-4 and AE-34
USS Mount Hood AE-11 and AE-29
USS Mount Katmai AE-16
USS Mount Shasta AE-33
See AE Association

N List

Naval Cryptologic Veterans, New England Chapter (NCVANE)

Open to all personnel that worked for the US NAVSECGRU or its successor organization in NETWARCOM.

Contact Vic Knorowski, 8 Eagle Lane, Mechanicville, NY 12118. 518-664-8032
Website http://ncva-ne.com
Reunion TBD 2020, Winter Harbor, ME
Naval Training Center Bainbridge

Open to all Sailors, Marines and WAVES that served at NTC Bainbridge anytime between 1942 – 1976.

Contact Arline Caliger, PO Box 147, Harrison, TN 37341-0147
Website http://www.usntcb.org/
Reunion 10-14 Oct. 2019, Columbus, GA
Navy Patrol Bombers (All VP Squadrons)

U.S. Navy Patrol Bombers Association - Includes listings for all active VP Squadron Reunion Associations.

Website http://www.vpnavy.org/
USS Norfolk CLK-1/DL-1
See Destroyer Leader Association

O List

USS Oak Hill LSD-7, USS Carter Hall LSD-3 and USS Catamount LSD-17
Contact Raylah Holm, 1802 N. Water Street, Ellensburg, WA 98926. 509-607-9021
Website http://ussoakhilllsd7.myevent.com
Reunion 6-9 Oct. 2022, Tampa, FL
USS Oldendorf DD-972
Contact Rick Drago 619-213-7458
Reunion 17-18 May 2019, Best Western Hacienda in Old Town, San Diego, CA

P and Q List

USS Pasadena SSN-752

30 Year Service Celebration. All former crew members, spouses and interested parties are invited.

Contact Captain Nat Read, USNR-R(Ret), 100 E. Corson Street, Suite 200, Pasadena, CA 91103. 626-695-9792
Reunion 18 May 2019, Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, CA
USS Pintado SS-387 and SSN-672
Contact Brad Seidel 602-931-5298
Reunion 28 Aug. to 03 Sept. 2023 as part of the USSVI National Convention, Tucson, AZ

R List

USS Rainier AOE-7
See AE Association
USS Reeves DLG-24/CG-24
Contact Thomas Bailey, 1154 S. Greenway Avenue, Pueblo West, CO 81007. 719-647-2872
Website http://www.ussreeves.net/
Reunion 23-27 Sept. 2021, Hotel Elegante, Colorado Springs, CO
USS Rendova CVE-114
See Escort Carrier Sailors & Airmen Association (ECSAA)
USS Rich DD-820/DDE-820 1946-1977
Contact John Szabo 440-729-7285
Website http://www.ussrich.org/
Reunion 22-25 Apr. 2024, Charleston, SC
USS Robert H McCard DD-822
Contact Bernard Norman, 2302 W Kingsford Ave, Spokane, WA 99208. 509-499-2649
Website ussroberthmccarddd822.com
Reunion 29 Sept. - 2 Oct. 2021, Crown Plaza Hotel, Providence/Warwick Airport, Warwick, RI

S List

Squadrons and Shipmates, Inc.
Contact Al Wedemeyer 859-689-7001
Website Squadrons and Shipmates Website
Reunion 1-6 Sept. 2020, Holiday Inn Portland Airport, Portland, OR
USS Samuel Gompers AD-37
Contact Mary Snider
Website USS Samuel Gompers AD-37 Website
Reunion 7-11 October 2021, Alexandria, VA
USS San Diego CL-53/AFS-6/T-AFS-6/LPD-22 and Air Detachments
Contact Walt Cox, 1555 Hawthorne Drive, Wooster, OH 44691. 330-262-7667
Reunion 20-23 Oct. 2022, Crown Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI
USS Sangay AE-10
USS Santa Barbara AE-28
USS Shasta AE-6 and AE-33
See AE Association
USS Saratoga CV-3/CVA-60/CV-60
Contact Dennis Steinour
Website USS Saratoga Reunion Website
Reunion 18-22 Oct. 2023, Red Lion Hotel, Harrisburg/Hershey, PA
USS South Carolina DLG-37/CGN-37
Contact USS South Carolina Association
Website USS South Carolina Website
Reunion 12-14 Oct. 2023, Holiday Inn Virginia Beach / Norfolk
USS Sperry AS-12
Contact George Planic
Website USS Sperry AS-12 Website
Reunion 19-22 Sept. 2022, Indianapolis, IN
USS Sterett DD-27, DD-407, DLG-31, CG-31 and DDG-104
Contact Charles A. Bond 360-720-4401
Website Sterett Association Website
Reunion 16-19 Sept. 2021, Holiday Inn Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX
USS Stoddard DD-566
Contact John Rauh, 4337 S. Highway 51, Perryville, MO 63775. 573-517-1996
Website http://www.ussStoddard.org
Reunion 28 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2023, Sheraton Westport Hotel, St. Louis, MO

T List

USS Thomas C. Hart DE-1092/FF-1092
Contact Dave Neimeyer, 9026 Haaf Road, Fogelsville, PA 18051. 484-378-2725
Website http://www.thomaschart.org/id109.html
Reunion 22-27 Aug. 2023, Norfolk, VA
USS Tiru SS-416
Contact Don Mandrino, 356 Mumby Road, Canandaigua, NY 14424. 585-394-2522
Website http://www.usstiru.org/
Reunion 30 Sept. - 3 Oct. 2019, Ramada Gevena Lakefront, Geneva, NY
USS Towers DDG-9
Contact USS Towers DDG-9 Association
Raymond Wong, Pres., 1634 38th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122-3002. 415-601-6285
Website http://www.usstowersddg9.com
Reunion 20-25 Sept. 2022, Embassy Suites Bloomington, MN

U - W List

USS Vesuvius AE-15
See AE Association
USS Vogelgesang DD-862
Contact Ron Savino, 650 Grampian Highlands Drive, St. Johns, FL 32259. 703-474-3185
Reunion 12-14 May 2023, DoubleTree Jacksonville RiverFront Hotel, Jacksonville, FL
USS Vogue DE-1047 / FF-1047
Contact Ray Casey 817-251-3551
Website Click here for USS Vogue Reunion Registration Website
Reunion 28 Sept. - 2 Oct. 2022, DoubleTree by Hilton Jacksonville – Riverfront, Jacksonville, FL
VQ Association (VQ 1, 2, 5, 6 and NSG all eras)
Contact Ron Jarabak
Website Click here for VQ Association Website
Reunion 4-7 Oct. 2021, Warwick/Providence, RI
USS Waller DD-466/DDE-466
Contact Keith Lemons 606-365-2902
Reunion 9-13 Oct. 2022, Nashville, TN
USS Wilkinson DD-930/DL-5
See Destroyer Leader Association
USS Willis A. Lee DD-929/DL-4
See Destroyer Leader Association
USS Worden DLG-18/CG-18
Contact Dave Neimeyer, 9026 Haaf Road, Fogelsville, PA 18051. 610-285-4515
Website http://www.thomaschart.org/id109.html
Reunion 4 - 9 June 2019, Grand Gateway Hotel, Rapid City, SD
USS Wrangell AE-12
See AE Association

X - Z List

USS YR-23 and YR-65
See AGR Association