Allan D. Minyard Biography

Age 48 (as of 1998)

BS, Mississippi State University

1969-1992, U.S. Navy.  Primarily assigned to marine propulsion and ship repair duties, with a three year tour as a Legal Officer at NTC Great Lakes Illinois.

Designated COMNAVSURFPAC design representative for LHA-1 class assault systems.

Last engineering related assignment, Planning Officer, USS Acadia AD-42 1983 - 1990
(Repair Planning Officer for battle damage repairs to USS Stark FFG 31).

Afloat assignments:

    USS Betelgeuse AK 260
    USS America CV 66
    USS Caloosahatchee AO 98
    USS Grand Canyon AR 28
    USS San Jose AFS 7
    USS Belleau Wood LHA-3
    USS Acadia AD 42

Currently retired. Part time computer systems consultant (when I feel like it).



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