Joseph Czarnecki is a former US Naval Flight Officer in EA-6B Prowler jamming aircraft. He flew from the carriers USS Ranger, USS Independence, USS Constellation, USS Enterprise and USS Carl Vinson, and deployed to the Persian Gulf from both coasts. He took part in presence operations off Somalia, in Operation Southern Watch and Operation Desert Fox. During ODF he helped direct the largest cruise missile attack ever launched. Joe Czarnecki has also been an instructor at the Joint Aviation Electronic Warfare School, and served on an Admiral's staff.

Long before he took up flying, Joe got to listen to his grandfather's tales of being a battleship sailor before and during World War II. Thus was sparked a life-long fascination with military history and battleships in particular. While he reveres the carrier USS Enterprise (CV-6) above all other vessels, there's still a soft spot in his heart for USS Maryland (BB-46), his grandfather's old ship... of which he really wishes some company made a 1:700 scale model.

Joe is happily and permanently married to a wonderful and secure woman who is not at all put off by her husband's habit of staring at pictures of naked warships and aircraft. They are the proud parents of a toddler daughter who is displaying every sign of a dangerous excess of personality. They also keep two American Eskimo Dogs (Nimitz - her dog; Flirtatious - his dog) although they periodically wonder why they feed the disobedient little scavengers.

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