46 years old (as of 1998), he is currently employed as a senior aerospace and defense analyst at a US-based defense think tank covering both US and international projects. A particular feature of his work is the evaluation of the interplay between technical developments of warships, weapons and sensors and the effect of such developments on naval strategy and the associated operational arts.

In the civilian sectors he has covered, oil, natural gas and chemical industries, various aspects of the product transportation and trading network, national and international infrastructure programs and other relevant sectors.

Publications include:

  • Contributions to the book "Navies in the Nuclear Age" and
  • Authorship of "Multinational Naval Cooperation"
  • Authorship of "Littoral Warfare - From the Sea to the Land".

Upcoming books include "Naval Aviation in the 21st Century" and "Futurtech - the navies of the next century".

Over the last 25 years he has made innumerable contributions to a wide variety of professional journals and television programs. He has presented papers at numerous international conferences at such venues as Cannes and Bangkok and will be chairing an international naval conference on Littoral Warfare next year. During his career he has visited 43 countries, including long stays in SE Asia, and has been to sea on the warships of 21 navies.

Curriculum Vitae


Graduated from University of London with a BSc in Chemical Engineering


Worked in a naval research establishment gaining endorsement to BSc for Marine Engineering.


Employed as an analyst on the world chemical and oil tanker industry.


Systems analyst specializing in defense and naval electronics.


Worked for Janes Information Group as defense market analyst.


Emigrated to USA and took up current position.


Stuart passed away in December 2020. He was a huge contributor to the knowledge of the NavWeaps community. Obituary.