Dreadnought Battleships and Battlecruisers Torpedoed or Mined in Combat

Man-placed limpets and under hull ground mines

Ship Date Hits Notes
MM Viribus Unitas 1-Nov-18 1 Sunk.
HMS Queen Elizabeth 19-Dec-41 2 Sunk. Salvaged.
HMS Valiant 19-Dec-41 2 Sunk. Salvaged.
KM Tirpitz 22-Sep-43 3 Immobilized. Machinery deranged.

Mine strikes

Ship Date Hits Notes
HMS Audacious 27-Oct-14 1 Sunk.
SMS Goeben (Yavuz) 26-Dec-14 2 Remained in action.
HMS Inflexible 18-Mar-15 1 Crippled.
SMS Seydlitz 24-Apr-16 1 Damaged.
SMS Ostfriesland 1-Jun-16 1 Damage.
HIJMS Haruna Summer 17 1 Damaged.
SMS Bayern 12-Oct-17 1 Damaged.
SMS Grosser Kurfurst 12-Oct-17 1 Damaged.
SMS Markgraf 29-Oct.17 1 Remainined in action.
SMS Goeben (Yavuz) 20-Jan-18 1+ Remained in action.
SMS Goeben (Yavuz) 20-Jan-18 2 Crippled, ran aground.
Espana (ex-Alfonso XIII) 30-Apr-37 1 Sunk.
HMS Nelson 4-Dec-39 1 Damaged
KM Gneisenau 5-May-40 1 Damaged
KM Scharnhorst 12-Feb-42 2 Temporarily stopped.
KM Gneisenau 12-Feb-42 1 Temporarily stopped.
MM Guilio Cesare 29-Oct-55 1 Sunk. Peacetime casualty in USSR.

Submarine torpedo hits

Ship Date Hits Notes
Jean Bart 21-Dec-14 1+ Crippled.
SMS Grosser Kurfurst 5-Nov-16 1 Damaged
SMS Kronprinz 5-Nov-16 1 Damaged
SMS Moltke 19-Aug-15 1 Damaged
SMS Westfalen 19-Aug-16 1 Damaged
SMS Moltke 25-Apr-18 1 Damaged
HMS Royal Oak 14-Oct-39 3 Sunk.
KM Gneisenau 20-Jun-40 1 Crippled.
HMS Resolution 25-Sep-40 1 Crippled.
HMS Malaya 20-Mar-41 1 Remained in action.
HMS Barham 25-Nov-41 3 Sunk.
MM Vittorio Veneto 14-Dec-41 1 Remained in action.
HMS Ramillies 7-May-42 1-2 Crippled.
USS North Carolina 15-Sep-42 1 Remained in action.
HIJMS Yamato 24-Dec-42 1 Remained in action.
HIJMS Musashi 29-Mar-44 1 Damaged
Courbet 17-Aug-44 2 Crippled.
HIJMS Kongo 20-Nov-44 1-4 Sunk.

Surface torpedo hits

Ship Date Hits Notes
HMS Marlborough 31-May-16 1 Remained in action.
SMS Seydlitz 31-May-16 1 Remained in action.
SMS Lutzow 31-May-16 2 Put down after shell hits.
Szent Istvan 11-Jun-18 2 Sunk.
Ekaterina II 16-Jun-18 2+ Sunk.
Petropavlovsk 17-Aug-19 1 Sunk. Salvaged.
KM Scharnhorst 8-Jun-40 1 Crippled.
KM Bismarck 27-May-41 5 Crippled. Finished after shelling.
HIJMS Hiei 13-Nov-42 1 Put down after shell and torp damage.
KM Scharnhorst 26-Dec-43 4-6 Crippled. Finished after shelling.
HIJMS Fuso 25-Oct-44 2 Sunk.
HIJMS Yamashiro 25-Oct-44 4 Sunk. Finished after shelling.

Aerial torpedo hits

Ship Date Hits Notes
MM Conte di Cavour 12-Nov-40 1 Sunk. Raised.
MM Caio Duilio 12-Nov-40 1 Grounded and salvaged.
MM Littorio 12-Nov-40 3 Grounded and salvaged.
MM Vittorio Veneto 28-Mar-41 1 Temporarily stopped.
KM Gneisenau 6-Apr-41 1 Crippled.
KM Bismarck 24-May-41 1 Remained in action.
KM Bismarck 26-May-41 2 Crippled.
HMS Nelson 27-Sep-41 1 Remained in action.
USS Nevada 7-Dec-41 1 Grounded and salvaged.
USS Oklahoma 7-Dec-41 7-9 Sunk. Raised.
USS California 7-Dec-41 2 Sunk. Salvaged.
USS West Virginia 7-Dec-41 9 Sunk. Salvaged.
HMS Repulse 10-Dec-41 5 Sunk.
HMS Prince of Wales 10-Dec-41 7 Sunk.
MM Littorio 15-Jun-42 1 Remained in action
HIJMS Hiei 13-Nov-42 6 Immobilized.
USS Maryland 22-Jun-44 1 Crippled.
HIJMS Musashi 24-Oct-44 20 Sunk.
HIJMS Yamato 7-Apr-45 13 Sunk.
USS Pennsylvania 12-Aug-45 1 Crippled.

Sympathetic detonation of nearby depth charges

Ship Date Hits Notes
Dunkerque 6-Jul-40 42 Sunk and salvaged.
Richelieu 8-Jul-40 6 Immobilized.

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