From mid-1945 to early 1946, Composite Task Force 69 of the USN Atlantic Fleet conducted a series of controlled tests of several Anti-Aircraft fire control systems as part of an effort to improve defenses against Kamikaze attacks. These tests were conducted on board the gunnery training ship USS Wyoming (AG-128, ex-battleship BB-32), with the support of various other vessels of the task force. The data from these tests were collected under the direction of the Operational Evaluation Group (OEG) of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, which then analyzed the results and published them under a "CONFIDENTIAL" security classification in April 1946 in a paper titled "Analysis of Test Data for Comparison of Various Anti-Aircraft Fire Control Systems," OEG Study 264. This report was declassified in 1973.

This report was made available to NavWeaps by William D. O'Neil, formerly Chief Scientist of the Center for Naval Analyses, which is the successor organization to the OEG. Mr. O'Neil has previously commented at NavWeaps on VT Fuze performance as part of Crosley's Secret War Effort - The Proximity Fuze. He is presently a Defense Consultant at

Mr. O'Neil has kindly given permission to post the OEG Study at NavWeaps and asked that the following notes be shown:

  • The reproduction of the graphs is very poor in many cases. In a few, I have redrawn them (or variants) based on the tabulated data. These are interleaved in the report scan.
  • As explained in the addendum to the report (here included as the 29th page in the report scan) it was discovered post-test that as a result of technical problems the results for the Mk. 52 GFCS cannot be taken as representative of actual system performance.

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