48 cm (19") Mark 37-0-N

The Japanese version of the USA's Mark 37 torpedo. Details may be found at USA Post-World War II Torpedoes.

48 cm (19") Type 80

Ship Class Used On Uzushio and Ushio classes
Date Of Design 1980
Date In Service 1984
Weight about 1,430 lbs. (649 kg)
Overall Length 135 in (3.429 m)
Explosive Charge about 330 lbs. (150 kg) Torpex
Range / Speed Classified, over 30 knots
Power Battery

A wire-guided ASM torpedo developed from the Japanese version of the USA's Mark 37 and the GRX-1 and GRX-2 experimental programs. Has better performance, including higher speed, than does the Mark 37.

53.3 cm (21") Type 89

Ship Class Used On Submarines
Date Of Design 1989
Date In Service 1992
Weight N/A
Overall Length N/A
Explosive Charge 589 lbs. (267 kg)
Range / Speed about 54,000 yards (49,380 m) @ 40 knots
about 42,000 yards (38,400 m) @ 55 knots
Reported maximum speed is 70 knots
Power N/A

The standard heavy submarine torpedo, roughly equivalent to the USA's Mark 48. Formerly the GRX-2.


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