Modern Weapons

1980 to Present

Historical Weapons

Battleship Main Guns

Cruiser / Destroyer Main Guns and Battleship / Cruiser Secondary Guns

9.2"/51 Mark XII
Glatton Class (ex-Bjöergvin)
9.2"/50 Mark XI
Lord Nelson and Minotaur Class
9.2"/47 Mark X
King Edward VII, Drake, Cressy, Duke of Edinburgh and Warrior Classes
9.2"/47 Mark IX
Coastal Defense
9.2"/40 Mark VIII
Powerful Class
9.2"/31.5 Marks III to VII
Imperieuse, Australia, Warspite, Aurora and Blake
9.2"/26 Marks I and II
Early 9.2" Breech Loaders
8"/75 sub-caliber Mark II
8"/120 sub-caliber Mark I
8"/50 Mark IX and X
Proposed World War II Cruisers
8"/50 Mark VIII
York, Norfolk, London and Kent Classes
8"/26 Marks I, III, V and VII,
8"/30 Marks II, IV and VI
Early 8" Breech Loaders
7.5"/45 Mark VI
Hawkins Class
7.5"/50 Marks III & IV
Swiftsure (1904) (ex-Constitution)
7.5"/50 Marks II & V
Warrior, Minotaur and Achilles Classes
7.5"/45 Mark I
Devonshire Class
7"/36 Mark I
Mersey Class
155 mm/52 Future Naval Gun
Type 45 Destroyers
6"/50 QF Mark N5,
6"/50 QF Mark V
Tiger (1959) Class
6"/40 QF Marks I, II and III
Pre-dreadnoughts and cruisers built between 1890 and 1905
6"/26 QFC
Converted 6" Breech Loaders
6"/50 BL Mark XXIII
Leander, Perth, Arethusa, Southampton ("Town"), Edinburgh ("Modified Town"), Fiji ("Colony"), Ceylon (Modified "Colony") and Swiftsure Classes
6"/50 BL Mark XXII
Nelson Class
6"/49 BL Mark XVIII
Glatton Class (ex-Bjöergvin)
6"/50 BL Marks XVII and XXI
Canada Class (ex-Almirante Latorre)
6"/50 BL Mark XVI
Erin (ex-Reshadeih)
6"/50 BL Marks XIV and XV
Severn Class (ex-Javary)
6"/50 BL Mark XIII
Agincourt (ex-Rio de Janeiro)
6"/45 BL Marks XII and XX
Queen Elizabeth and Royal Sovereign (1916) Classes plus B, C, D and E Cruiser Classes
6"/50 BL Marks XI and XI*
Last three King Edward VII Class, Duke of Edinburgh, Bristol, Falmouth and Chatham Classes
6"/50 BL Marks IX and X
Coast Defense
6"/45 BL Mark VII, VIII and XXIV
Formidable, London, Duncan, first five King Edward VII Class, Tiger, Barfleur and Iron Duke Capital Ship Classes
Cressy, Drake, Monmouth, Hampshire and Challenger Cruiser Classes
6"/26 BL Marks I, II, III, IV, V and VI
Early 6" Breech Loaders
5.5"/50 BL Mark I
Hood, Furious, Birkenhead and Chester
5.25"/50 QF Mark I
King George V (1940), Dido, Spartan and Vanguard Classes
5.2"/42 QF Mark I
Submarine Cruiser X 1
5.1"/50 QF Mark I,
5"/70 QF Mark N1,
5"/56 QF Mark N2
Experimental Weapons
5"/38 Mark 12 (USA)
Delhi (as rebuilt), Ameer and Assistance Classes
5"/51 BL Marks VI and VII (USA)
Coastal Defense and DAMS
5"/25 BL Marks I, II, III, IV and V
Sloops and Cruisers of the 1880s
4.7"/50 QF Mark XI
L and M Classes
4.7"/45 QF Marks IX and XII
Mark IX: A through I, O, Q through W Classes
Mark XII: Tribal (1937), J, K, N and Abdiel Classes
4.7"/43 QF Mark VII,
4.7"/40 QF Marks VIII and X
"G3," "N3," Nelson and Courageous Classes
Albatross and Adventure
4.7"/45 QF Mark V
4.7"/40 QF Marks I, II, III, IV and VI
Pre-dreadnoughts and cruisers of the late 1800s
4.7"/45 BL Marks I and II
Modified V&W Destroyers, Amazon and Ambuscade
4.7"/18 Howitzer
Severn Class (ex-Javary)
4.5"/19 8cwt QF Mark I
MTBs and MGBs 1945 - 1960
4.5"/45 QF Mark V,
(Marks 6 and 7)
Lion (1945), Malta, Saintes, Modified Battle, Daring (1945), County, Type 12, Type 41 and Type 61AD Classes
4.5"/45 QF Marks I, III and IV,
(Marks 2, 3, 4 and 5)
Renown, Valiant, Queen Elizabeth, Illustrious, Ark Royal, Scylla, Charybdis, Battle, Savage, Z, Ca, Ch, Co, Cr and Tribal (1950) Classes
4"/33 QF Mark XXIII
"A" and "T" Class Submarines after World War II
4"/40 QF Mark XIX
"Battle" Class and small warships of World War II
4"/45 QF HA Marks XVI, XVII, XVIII and XXI
Queen Elizabeth, Royal Sovereign (1916), Hood, Furious and many smaller ships 1938 - 1948
4"/40 QF Mark XI
Planned for DAMS of World War I
4"/40 QF Mark XX,
4"/50 QF Mark XIV,
4"/50 QF Mark XIII,
4"/50 QF Mark IX,
4"/50 QF Mark VIII,
4"/40 QF Mark VII
Experimental and Miscellaneous 4" Guns
4"/40 QF Marks VI and X
Faulknor Class
4"/45 QF HA Marks V and XV
Most Capital Ships and Cruisers 1917 - 1938
4"/40 QF Marks IV, XII and XXII
Destroyers and Submarines 1908 - 1945
4"/40 QF Marks I, II and III
Invincible Class, some light cruisers and small warships of World War I
4"/50 Mark 9 (USA)
Lend-Lease Ships
4"/28 QFC
Converted 4" Breech Loaders
4"/45 BL Marks IX and X
Renown, Courageous, "Flower" Classes
4"/40 BL Marks VIII and XI
Destroyers and Submarines prior to World War I
4"/50 BL Mark VII
Belleron, St. Vincent, Neptune, Indefatigable, Colossus, Orion, Lion (1912) and King George V (1910) Classes
4" BL Marks I, II, II, IV, V and VI
Early 4" Breech Loaders

Smaller Caliber and Anti-Aircraft Guns